About Martin

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I started selling paintings in the early eighties when I was 26 and working on a farm in Ireland. Id been a graphic designer before that but my heart was never in it.. To begin with I just painted commissions, pedigree cattle, pets, houses that sort of thing but later, when I went to live in Seychelles for a while, I painted mainly scenes, whatever attracted my eye enough to make me think that someone else would enjoy this too.

Back in England I did a number of illustrated articles for the Cheshire life magazine and from then on began to hold one-man exhibitions and to sell prints. I work outside, mostly, and paint what I see. I started the Martin Goddard School of Art in 1991 where I pass on what I know about watercolour painting and I occasionally tutor at art societies too..

One recent commission was a calendar for the Willow Wood Hospice, showing locations around Tameside, some of which you can find on this site. Hope you enjoy the website and should you wish to place an order please be assured of our best attention.